Stable Diffusion 【写实模型】:逼真|肖像|摄影|超现实|建筑|室内设计的写实大模型NightVision XL

今天和大家介绍一款从官网名字介绍就感觉非常NB的大模型NightVision XL。我们看一下C站官网首页该模型的名称介绍。

Stable Diffusion 【写实模型】:逼真|肖像|摄影|超现实|建筑|室内设计的写实大模型NightVision XL

(1)NightVision XL是一个经过轻微训练的基础 SDXL 模型,然后通过社区 LORA 进一步完善,以达到现在的水平。NightVision XL 经过改进和偏向生成的逼真肖像输出,可以作为现成的风格化图片发布到社交媒体!
(2)NightVision XL 具有良好的一致性,并且避免了一些奇怪的身体问题和偏差,这些问题和偏差开始困扰其他一些真实感模型。
(3)NightVision XL 可产生丰富的深黑色和出色的傍晚/夜间场景。它还可以产生极其明亮的输出!

(4)NightVision XL 能够进行 SFW 和 NSFW 输出。

(5)NightVision XL 易于使用,更喜欢简单的提示词,并让模型完成场景构建的繁重工作。

(6)请勿将 SDXL REFINER 与NightVision XL  一起使用,如果您尝试将两者 一起使用,生成图片的质量将会降低。



  • 大模型:NightVision XL v0791Bakedvae
  • 采样器:DPM++ 2M SDE Karras
  • 采样迭代步数:30
  • CFG:7

1. 中国女性

8k photograph,cinematic,cinestill,bokeh,attractive chinese female,depth of field 270mm,warm colors,tranquil,accent lighting,

Stable Diffusion 【写实模型】:逼真|肖像|摄影|超现实|建筑|室内设计的写实大模型NightVision XL

2. 泥雨中的登山者

masterwork photograph, terrified close-up view, long exposure, short lighting, Hasselblad, wearing dirt thick black frame rayban dirty hair and face covered by grey mud rain crying Chinese male mountain hiker , volcanic ash smoke rain from the volcano, Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400, spotlight, L USM

Stable Diffusion 【写实模型】:逼真|肖像|摄影|超现实|建筑|室内设计的写实大模型NightVision XL

3. 奶油蛋糕

professional 3d model a photo of a cream chocolate cake,with chocolate topping and cream and a single strawberry,warm side light from the left, octane render, highly detailed, volumetric, dramatic lighting

Stable Diffusion 【写实模型】:逼真|肖像|摄影|超现实|建筑|室内设计的写实大模型NightVision XL

4. 婚礼

masterpiece, (best quality), highly detailed, ultra realistic, a wedding ceremony on a manicured lawn, a Chinese bride and Chinese groom holding hands before a giant heart sculpture made of flowers and plants, intricate floral details, stone path beneath their feet, a European-style cathedral in the background, painted sky at dusk with soft pastel hues, radiant light illuminating the couple and church façade, cinematic atmosphere, extremely sharp focus,  exceptionally clear details on the bride's gown,  groom's suit, floral arrangement, and church architecture, photorealistic textures and lighting, depth of field with dreamy background blur, conveying joy and love, worthy of fine art photography.

Stable Diffusion 【写实模型】:逼真|肖像|摄影|超现实|建筑|室内设计的写实大模型NightVision XL

5. 庭院

Inside the courtyard, the house and the courtyard are linked together, Slender trees form dense forests, A patchwork of miscellaneous wood combinations, A space full of Zen, The island's stone-paved creek, Flowing throughout the yard, Moss covered with stones, The dim yellow light of the small stone lamp fell on the plants, chiaroscuro, cinematic lighting, Sony FE GM, Wide-Angle, perspective, from outside,

Stable Diffusion 【写实模型】:逼真|肖像|摄影|超现实|建筑|室内设计的写实大模型NightVision XL

6. 废弃的城市

apocalyptic photograph of an abandoned city, crumbling buildings, view from above, dusty atmosphere, depth of field, low color usage, less contrast, extreme detail, natural grain effect, 8k quality image, high resolution, ultra realism

Stable Diffusion 【写实模型】:逼真|肖像|摄影|超现实|建筑|室内设计的写实大模型NightVision XL

7. 冰树

frozen tree, frozen lake, trees, mist, extreme detail, high quality, dark, scifi, cinematic feel, dark contrast, night scene, snow, ice, dark skies, cloud, strong backlight, viginette, icicles

Stable Diffusion 【写实模型】:逼真|肖像|摄影|超现实|建筑|室内设计的写实大模型NightVision XL

8. 海景壁纸

(wallpaper fusion:1.1),Seascape on the ocean coast,atmospheric mist,soft pastel colours,wide shot,8k,

Stable Diffusion 【写实模型】:逼真|肖像|摄影|超现实|建筑|室内设计的写实大模型NightVision XL

9. 浮岛

floating island, vibrant red, 8K, colorful colors,

Stable Diffusion 【写实模型】:逼真|肖像|摄影|超现实|建筑|室内设计的写实大模型NightVision XL

10. 雪山下的小屋

Photograph a cozy cabin nestled in a snowy mountain setting,evoking a sense of warmth and contrast to the cold surroundings,

Stable Diffusion 【写实模型】:逼真|肖像|摄影|超现实|建筑|室内设计的写实大模型NightVision XL




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